Payload – “Odyssey Dawn”

Payload – “Odyssey Dawn” (Shadow Records)

Pure heavy metal mayhem from Finland! Despite their unassuming name and no frills style, Helsinki’s Payload play a surprisingly addictive brand of HM successfully captured on this excellent debut. Formed in 2008 by lead guitarist Vic Lausas & vocalist Risto Sundberg, the two have already seen their fair share of lineup changes in their rhythm section but have soldiered on regardless to produce this fine mix of Iron Maiden riffing, Megadeth rhythms and hard rock melodies. Raw vocals, even more raw chugging guitar and a neck snapping rhythm will have you headbanging in glory to steam hammer songs like ‘War Machine’, ‘Unleash’ and ‘Poison Cure’, made all the more lethal by the equally raw production! All in all an excellent debut from this unassuming band deserving more recognition!

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