Peepshow – “Brand New Breed”

Peepshow – “Brand New Breed” (

No kidding, I can’t think of the last time I heard of a Scottish glam / sleaze band (could be life threatening in Glasgow LOL – Ed) but Peepshow are bringing it on. Formed by the aptly named Johnny Gunn, who co-wrote some of the songs on Crashdiet’s 3rd album “Generation Wild”, I think the love for these highlanders is less for their more obvious sun kissed west coast cousins like Crue or LA Guns, but more towards the Scandinavian high energy / melody fusion originated by the likes of Hanoi Rocks and today by Hardcore Superstar or HIM as well as the ‘alternate’ influences of bands like My Chemical Romance. Indeed songs like ‘Live Free Or Die’, ‘Only A Dream’ and ‘All Or Nothing’ possess elements of all the aforementioned bands, although it’s nice to see that Peepshow have them nicely placed in their own well defined act.

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