PelleK – “Bag Of Tricks”

PelleK – “Bag Of Tricks” (Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group)

Per Fredrik “PelleK” Åsly is a Norwegian vocalist whose claim to fame is that he entered Norway’s X Factor, made it into the top 12 and all this by singing power metal songs! Thanks to his 4 octave range voice, he has made a living singing for bands in Sweden, USA, Norway, UK, Greece, Italy and France as well as having his own progressive metal band Reaching Horizons. With more than 8,500 subscribers on YouTube and over 1,000 members on his forum it was only a matter of time before his debut “Bag Of Tricks” came to light! Although classed as melodic metal I’d actually say that songs like ‘Thundernight’, ‘Don’t Belong’ and ‘Fugue State’ are more epic rock given the tremendous melody resonating thru them, not in the least, PelleK’s own vocals themselves. Sure, there’s symphonic choirs and keyboards but it’s a thousand miles from Rhapsody – and into the light LOL! In a way Åsly seems to be Norway’s equivalent to Europe, and whilst they aren’t exactly my cup of tea either, are nevertheless to be credited with also bringing metal to the mainstream, as PelleK has now done with power metal. So could this be only the beginning of his saga?

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