PENTAGRAM (CHILE) “The Malefice”

“The Malefice”
(Cyclone Empire)
Oh boy, this really is a blast from the past. When I got into extreme metal in the 80s one of the first records that I bought was a 7” by a Chilean band by the name of PENTAGRAM. Not knowing of any other Pentagrams this was to me the true one. 30 odd years later I sit here with their first album. Bloody hell, this is like being back in the 80s with a modern production. I’ve never forgotten about that 7” that I bought in 85 or 86. Not only was it one of the first encounters with what later became death metal but it also kinda helped shape the whole Swedish death metal sound. This is huge for me being able to hear a full set of songs from a band that I ordered a demo from in the 80s. And it still sounds as great today as it did almost 30 years ago. Now I can die. Anders Ekdahl

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