Perception – “Monolith”

Perception – “Monolith” EP (

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There’s quite a bit going on in this EP from UK prog metalcore band Perception – calling themselves ‘tech’ metal by the way. Formed in the south of England a few years back, they’ve been touring heavily over the years to build up their fanbase, issuing an EP along the way in “Collapse”. Now comes the follow up with “Monolith” which thankfully isn’t too taxing on the brain. Quite the opposite in fact, with some nice atmosphere in many places! Mixing in Ben’s screamo with bassist Al’s emo soul comes Paddy’s heavy djent riffing mixing in shimmering prog melodies, exotic breaks, math warbling and soft ambient touches. Thanks to the talent of this quartet the contrasting sounds are not just handled well but add up nicely to produce plenty of energetic material both in terms of aggression but equally passion, as well as a degree of unpredictability to make songs like ‘Defy Dismay’, ‘Survive’ and ‘Strive’ dramatic. It’s well worth a listen as all the songs stay in your mind. Definitely a band with a plan, my guess is that we’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future as big things seem to be destined for them.

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