PERISHED “Through The Black Mist”

“Through The Black Mist”
(The Sinister Flame)

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This is not a new Norwegian metal band but in fact one that has long since perished. I think I do remember them from back in the days but I am not entirely sure I got to check them out. But that will all be taken care of now with this rerelease of their “Through The Black Mist”
demo from Sinister Flame. If you like your metal extreme you will most likely have one or two or several Norwegian fave bands. I know that I do. Perhaps PERISHED will be the fave band I didn’t know I had. This is not old school in that this is the old school. If you like early Dimmu Borgir and that sort of symphonic Norwegian black metal in its infancy mixed with the feeling of Bathory’s more epic songs you will like this demo too. I have to admit that this style of Norwegian black metal takes a time for my ears to get used to. I am much more for the direct throat cutting kind. But as I get used to this I start to like it. I will definitely have to check out the band’s recorded work after hearing this. A cool piece of history. Anders Ekdahl

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