PERPETRATÖR “Thermonuclear Epiphany”

“Thermonuclear Epiphany”
With a name like this we can pretty much be up for any kind of metal, from power metal to death metal and everything in-between. Not that it really matters to me what kind of metal we are talking about as long as it rips like hell. This is the kind of thrash that is so dirty that you can actually feel the dust blowing off when you listen to it. If you like your thrash German and from the 80s you will love this. I have a strange fondness for that kind of thrash and hail Kreator as one of the greatest thrash bands ever. So this is like x-mas come early for me. Listening to this makes me want to take out my Assassin and Kreator albums and just blast them at full volume. Anders Ekdahl

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