“Quantum Leap”
I actually have no idea what to think of this. It wasn’t what I expected it to be and that threw me of my game. Once I’d found it again images of bands like Evergrey and Iced Earth and a host of others came flying by. Once I’m ready to describe this as progressive metal it turns into something different and I have to re-evaluate it again. Somehow I get a classic heavy metal feeling listening to this album. Instead of being one thing it is all things at once. I get an Italian symphonic metal feeling, a Swedish prog metal feeling, a German power metal feeling and so on. All in all “Quantum Leap” surprised me more than I’d expected and only in positive terms. As somebody who loves all kinds of metal this album somehow came to summarize all what I like about metal. No small feat I tell you. Nowhere close to anything new in any sense but combined it makes for a pretty good treat. And that is enough for me. Anders Ekdahl

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