PESSIMIST “Death From Above”

“Death From Above”
With a band name like that this gotta be some really miserable thrash metal. Or perhaps it is some sort of German joke. I’ll know afterwards if I laugh all the way to the record store to pick this one up or if I’ll leave it in the trash bin. If you think that thrash has pussied out recently you need to check this one out. If you liked Kreator circa “Pleasure To Kill” crossed with “Terrible Certainty” you might recognize yourself in this album by PESSIMIST. This is thrash of the more brutal school. No pussy footing about here. Just a right hook to your head. And seeing as I love early Kreator I find great pleasure in listening to this album. There is a feel to this that I like. This is how thrash can sound like when you are really pissed off. Anders Ekdahl

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