(Hammerheart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Man this is like X-mas come early. Or the prefect birthday gift. Back when PESTILENCE released their debut album “Malleues Maleficarum” death metal was at its height. And Dutch death metal was also at its height. I had been following PESTILENCE from their demo days through fanzines so I kinda knew what to expect from the debut album but it still blew my socks off. So to be able to review a new album in 2018 is like the high light of my career. This is not as technical as the latter day albums where. And that is a good thing. Not that those albums sucked but at the end it became too much. This is much more basic PESTILENCE. And that can only mean one thing. Pure fucking death metal. This is PESTILENCE in all its excellence. This is so cool that I get goose bumps. Anders Ekdahl

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