Pet The Preacher – “The Cave & The Sunlight”


Pet The Preacher – “The Cave & The Sunlight” (Napalm Records)

Straight out’ve Copenhagen, this heavy stoner blues trio have no doubt spent their youth in that city’s hippy community – Christiana – where they have garnered a wide variety of spiritual, musical and extra dimensional experiences! Speaking of gravity, these guys certainly have their fair share, from the deep rumbling bass of Torben Wæver Pedersen to the anvil pounding trommel of Christian Von Larsen. Add the deep, reverb drenched guitars of Christian Hede Madsen, along with his soulful preacher man meets hoarse rock dawg vocals that might be more befitting astride a Harley (or a western lol – ed) and you’ve got something that might just fall through the stage – not withstanding the slide geetar and those hell fer leather solos! These guys are in no hurry man, mellow during those bluesy moments to almost trance the next and completely mountain man OTT just when you least expect it on shit heavvvvy songs like ‘Kamikaze Night’, ‘The Pig & The Haunted’ and ‘Fire Baby’. Formed in 2010, there ain’t a whole lot on these guys but they fit right into the same groove as Monster Magnet, Clutch, and Down on this impressive sophomore that never lets up with its heavy riffage amidst heaps of soul.

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