Peter Pan Speedrock – “Buckle Up And Shove It!”

peter pan

Peter Pan Speedrock – “Buckle Up And Shove It!” (Steamhammmer / SPV)

Hit the throttle for the utter mayhem of Peter Pan Speedrock!!! Notorious festival rabble rousers, these sons of Eindhoven (along with ‘mascot’ Fat Dennis) play hard n fast biker bar rock n roll metal like it was the apocalypse. Needless to say the parallels to Motorhead are right there from the gruff Lemmy vocals of mainman Peter van Elderen, along with his raw n dirty guitar a la Fast Eddie like on ‘Tunnelvision’, whilst on ‘Loose Woman And Loud Guitars’ its more Nashville Pussy with its catchy but sassy crowd rousing chorus. Backed by the equally rumbling dirty bass of Bart Geevers and Bart Nederhand’s head smashing drumming PPS simply lay waste to all – rockers, bikers, punks, metallers and general fuck heads, I’ve seen them all kicked asunder by this raw power trio! Self produced by the band in their newly built studio, that’s just the way this aptly titled album sounds: raw, in your face and unbelievably loud right from the off and throughout the bad luck 13 tracks. PPS even come close to out classing The Damned on their cover of ‘New Rose’ whilst impressing even more on their dark rendition of The Yardbirds ‘Heart Full Of Love’, complete with guest vocals from Spark Retard, the razor-blade gargling maniac of psychobilly legends Demented Are Go – what a way to go!!!

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