Petyr – “Smolyk”

Petyr – “Smolyk” (Outer Battery Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Totally rad dude. In what must be the ultimate tribute to skating legend Peter Smolik comes Petyr the band, made up of pro-skater Riley Hawk (son of Tony Hawk), with Holland Redd on guitar, Nick McDonnell on drums, and Luke Devigny on bass. Fuelled by the likes of Japan’s Flower Travellin’ Band, the mighty Sabbath (naturally) and hometown gods Earthless, Petyr mix it in the smog heavy stoner wastelands to produce a totally rad opus of karmic psychedelic bliss induced by funky grooves, spaced out licks and percussive tones with fuzzed out stoner magic on the 9 tracks making up this out’ve this world release! The band certainly do their part in creating a massive stoner atmosphere awash with feedback, dirty guitars, deep bass and far out wailing solos while Hawk certainly sounds like he’s drowning in the spaced out sea of alternating tranquillity and frantic, jammed out instrumental passages. With 4 songs dedicated to ‘Smolyk’ the rest of the songs get even more tripped out through weird eastern rhythms and even more cosmic vibes on giants like the 6 minute + ‘Zero Time (Dark)’ with its acid fried vocals. Then there’s the 9 minute and more ‘Distant Shores’ with its strong warbling guitar melodies aligned blissfully with some cool vocal harmonies giving way to an ambient percussive passage and then pretty much an all out galloping proto metal assault until its smoking close! Despite being recorded in only 4 days, the performances are tight and overall the album is more structured than their self titled debut, chalking up another hit for those seeking a mellower moment to living on the edge.

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