Phantom X – “The Opera Of The Phantom”

Phantom X – “The Opera Of The Phantom” (Pure Steel Records)

Well, they certainly don’t make ’em like this anymore! Phantom X were formed from the ashes of 80s LA band Omen and since their “Rise Of The Phantom” debut in 2005, have been telling a conceptual story, the final chapters of which are on this album! Musically, the sound is 80s power metal with a hint of the operatic which although not a million miles from Maiden, is still very much an American one on songs like ‘Storm Riders’, ‘Holy Hell’ and ‘All Hail The Heroes’. Vocalist Kevin Goocher has one of these high wailing vocals that you’re either likely to love or loathe but that said one must admire the dedication of Phantom X, who along with the likes of Anvil etc can’t be making much money outta playing this classic style of music, so I guess they must really enjoy doing it lol!!

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