PHARAOH ”After The Fire”

”After The Fire”
(Cruz Del Sur Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Man, this is a blast from the past. I know that I did something with PHARAOH when this album was first released in 2003 and I know I did it for BATTLE HELM but I cannot seem to find it right know. But just the realization that I have been a part of the BH team for at least 15 years is quite stunning really. If you haven’t gathered it yet, this is a rerelease of PHARAOH’s debut from 2003. Best known for being the brain child of Chris Black PHARAOH are pure US heavy/power metal. This is the stuff that I get going on massively. The stuff that to my ears is timeless. And that is what this album is, timeless. Had you not known it you would not think this was a 15 year old release. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing; that not much has happened in 15, or 35 years. I like to believe that it is a good thing. Heavy metal is heavy metal no matter if it is from 1982 or 2003 or 2018. This is an album that you gotta get even if you have it already. Anders Ekdahl

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