PHIDION “Flesh Of The Forsaken”

“Flesh Of The Forsaken”
PHIDION is to me another new Swedish band. I gotta start keeping a closer ear to the underground to pick up all the chatter that is going on. It’s so bloody hard to keep up with all new bands that keep popping up all over the world, let alone the Swedish ones and still keep track of all the old ones that keep releasing records. That the first notes made me thing Morbid Angel is no bad start. That it as it progressed turned into more of a thrash-like sound wasn’t that bad either. This is to my ears death metal on the heavier side. Morbid Angel (when they were great) is not such a bad reference really. This is sure as heavy as Morbid Angel used to be early on. But on the whole this is some pretty cool death metal with a thrash touch. If you like your metal heavy you should check this one out. Anders Ekdahl

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