Pig Destroyer – “Prowler In The Yard”


Pig Destroyer – “Prowler In The Yard” 2CD Limited Deluxe Reissue (Relapse Records)

Anyone who remembers what Napalm Death’s “Scum” did for grindcore back in ’87 will know how they felt when Pig Destroyer’s “Prowler In The Yard” came out in 2001 – in short, another milestone release for the by then established genre. With an ultra reactionary social stance fueling the anger of this band, the name (toned down from ‘Cop Killer’) left little to doubt as to what their music would sound like: murder metal! From Enemy Soil’s J R Hayes roaring, bark blast n death scream ‘vocals’ to Anal Cunt’s Scotty Hull on visceral, chainsaw guitar, needless to say the drumming was ape mental and designed to cause maximum shock, outrage and just generally piss off anyone and everyone who couldn’t take it all with a pinch of salt – hey, these guys read Answer Me! Back then it was 23 murderous songs that blended in the extreme playing of Dark Angel, the black nihilism of Slayer and the sludge groove of the Melvins all over songs like ‘Trojan Whore’, ‘Junkyard Dog’ and ‘Piss Angel’. This re-issue is completely re-mixed with a clearer, beefed up sound re-mastered by Scotty Hull himself and additionally includes a recently unearthed unnamed never-before-heard bonus track from the original “Prowler…” sessions. The deluxe pack is a 2CD set with the original album included as the second disc on a strictly limited edition 2000 copies, featuring expanded artwork and layout, unreleased photos and liner notes from the band. Play loud and have a sick bag handy.

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