PIGEON TOE “The First Perception”

“The First Perception”
(LifeForce Records)
I’m no worse than I can appreciate a fine prog metal album. It just takes me a bit longer to get into it than with a full on blast of trad metal. German Pigeon Toe are new to me and even though they are seasoned musicians in their own right that doesn’t mean too much to me. What I like about prog metal is the use of contrasts. Where they go from the soft to the hard, from the simple to the complex. Pigeon Toe are no exception. The transitions floes effortlessly and you only have to sit back and enjoy the ride. This is no roller coaster ride. More like a pleasant trip down a country lane as dusk is about to settle. Modern reference points could be Opeth without the death metal bits’n’pieces. This gives me the same sort of joy listening to. Anders Ekdahl

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