PIKES EDGE “All Of Our Beauty”

“All Of Our Beauty”
(Hammer Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Every now and then I get sent an album that really confuses me. You think that you’ll get this but instead you end up with that. I am no great fan of modern metalcore. It doesn’t do very much for me. I don’t really get this whole alt metal thing. And don’t get me started on post this or that. Don’t get me wrong. If the music is good I’ll like it. I just don’t get all the labels today. This is what I call alt metal in my book. Where they mix harsh vocals with melodic ones to the beat of semi extreme metal. If done the In Flames way this style can appeal to me. Done the wrong way it bores the hell out of me. PIKES EDGE are more to the former. I don’t get bored after the first song, which is great. The metal they play is good enough to get my head bopping. Anders Ekdahl

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