Pilgrim – “II: Void Worship”


Pilgrim – “II: Void Worship” (Metal Blade Records)

The dark ones return……like a mind warping reconstruct of Tenacious D, Krolg – Slayer of Men (Drums) and The Wizard (the rest) vaporized former bassist Count Elric and returned on this album as a doom duo, complete with a more heavier than heavy metal album cover featuring – yep, you guessed it, these two in a classic 70s sword n sorcery depiction! Hailing from Rhode Island, the first of the 13 original American Colonies to declare independence, Pilgrim’s music is as steeped in history and tradition as the deep rooted culture of their state. Playing pure doom, Pilgrim owe their heritage as much to Pentagram as they do Sabbath and even to old school Candlemass, taking the best of them conceptually as well as musically to concoct it into the finest elixir befitting the most discerning doom merchants. The Wizard’s high, soulful vocals bring surreality as they contrast with the heavy fuzz vibrato of his guitars and the hammer smashing drum work of Krolg on plodding, stone age songs like ‘In the Presence of Evil’, ‘The Paladin’ and ‘Arcane Sanctum’. Put together and they form a mammoth sound that also contains an inherent rawness going back to the wild, savage days of Burzum. Now more formidable than ever, Pilgrim cast aside the last shreds of innocence on this second album to revel in the purity of their darkness.

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