PIOUS LEVUS “Beast of the Foulest Depths”

” Beast of the Foulest Depths”
(Warfare Noise Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I really hope that this album will be in the style of Father Befouled and in the extension Incantation. Because that would be so cool to have a slab of really dark and murky death metal to listen to right now. Unfortunately it isn’t. But boy, this sure blew me away. In a whole different way than I expected. This is to my ears a cross between black, thrash and death metal. With an added edge of old school feeling. From the very first note they got me hooked. All my expectations were blown away but that was okay as this turned out to be one hell of a kick to the nuts. Man, these guys shred like there is no tomorrow. Thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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