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Battle Helm Rating

Psychedelic drone? I have no clue what that sounds like. But I guess I will be much wiser after having heard this album from Hungarian PIRKAN. I have no greater knowledge of drone but I am willing to try anything at least once. I have no knowledge at all about Hungarian folklore. I do have an interest in folklore and I find it very interesting discovering other cultures tales of yore and try to compare them to that of my own culture. Most of the time you find that they are quite similar. I have no idea what the lyrics are about on the debut album by PIRKAN but from the aura of the music I would say they deal with love, loss and life in general. This is nowhere near metal in sound. Yet in spirit this is very metal. There is a chanting feel to the music which kinda reminds me of that of Sami yoik. I am no greater connoisseur of folk music, but I do like this. I like ambience that this has. Anders Ekdahl

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