PITCH BLACK MENTALITY “The Pitch Black Reality”

”The Pitch Black Reality”
There is nothing as frightening as walking in pitch black darkness. Your mind start to play tricks on you and you sense danger right, left and every other way. A PITCH BLACK MENTALITY is also something to be afraid of. If the band PITCH BLACK MENTALITY is about to scare the living daylights out of me I have no idea. If so I really hope it is a good scare and not because this is pure and utter shite. There is nothing scary about this. Musically this is another band that tries to be modern in their approach towards metal. I don’t know how many bands I’ve heard that tries to be both hard and soft. This isn’t one of the worst attempts that I have heard. Actually this isn’t too shabby. There is a thrash edge to this that makes it stand out a bit. Anders Ekdahl

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