PLANET RAIN “Antichthon”

This is a totally new band to me. I have idea what this will sound like. But I’m open to all so it is with no hesitation that I put this on. Oh, wow. This wasn’t at all what I had expected. I had at best hoped for some Katatonia-eaque metal but this was so much more death metal than I had ever expected that it took me some time to get my head around to it. I can hear traces of melodeath but at the same time this is so much harder and heavier than any melodeath stuff I’ve heard. Melodic death metal doesn’t even start to cover what this is. It makes me think of Amon Amarth going totally bonkers and abandoning the Vikings for an all out battle of who’s the toughest. I also get some really cool Dawn black metal vibes from this. So I guess this is some sort of black/death combo then. What I do know is that this impressed me more than I thought it would. Anders Ekdahl

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