PLECTOR “Punishment Day”

“Punishment Day”
(Discouraged Records)
I can’t get my head around the band name. But as they say you shouldn’t judge the band by its name. Plector do sound like some sort of farming tool though. Perhaps this will be a thrash like no thrash has ever been before. Or this could be the plough that ploughs like no other plough ever done before. I will know for sure when I’ve come to the end of the album. This is Plector’s second album but it also their last one. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the band they have decided to call it quits. That sucks. Now that I’ve discovered them I would like to have them around for a long time. This Swedish death/thrash band sounds like a cross between a harder edged Pantera and The Haunted gone completely nuts. This was a positive surprise. Which makes me wonder why I haven’t bothered to check them out before. At least I can’t remember if I have done so. This turned out to be a pretty good album all in all. Anders Ekdahl

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