PLÖW “No Highness Below The Crown”

“No Highness Below The Crown”
I have no idea why this lot decided it was a good idea to add the dots to the O in their name. Perhaps it is a word in German that means something to the band but other than that this is a stupid as when British band Trojan decided to add dots to the O making it Tröjan, which in Swedish means sweater. Whatever the reasons this Danish outfit seem to have made a bang in the national underground scene with a couple of EPs and live gigs. As I don’t live in Denmark I have not heard of them at all. musically this is stoner/sludge in a heavy manner. I’ve come upon a couple of bands recently that operates in the same area making me think that this whole genre is about to make a bigger appearance again. I like the idea. I had no problem with stoner the first time around. What I like about this album is the jam feel there is to it. It is like you get to be there as the songs evolve. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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