POLUTION “Beyond Control”

“Beyond Control”
(Escape Music)
Beside the obviously misspelled band name I hope that there won’t be too much wrong with this album. Not that I’m that familiar with this Swiss band. My hope is that this will be some good old hardrock with not too much modern influences. I feel like that is what I need right now to get in the right mood. My hopes were not in vain. This is hardrock the way it sounded when I got into it in the 1980s. Full of melodies and with an attitude of being bigger than God this is full on party music. Not too shabby vocals, guitars that rip and songs that show potential makes this a rather good introduction to this band. Perhaps not the stuff that will live with me forever but as a break from a hectic life this works wonders. This is music to stop thinking to. Anders Ekdahl

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