Pop Evil – “Pop Evil”

Pop Evil – “Pop Evil” (Entertainment One) 

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Well, if you like(d) the fusion rap metal of Rage Against The Machine, then you’re gonna love Pop Evil! These guys are even darker and heavier than Rage, although they employ plenty of new sounds like mellow core melodies and pop harmonies – hence why they’re aptly titled – although whatever they’re dishing out, it’s enormously catchy!! From the unbelievable beats that soon have you body popping and headbanging irresistibly, founder vocalist Leigh Kakaty’s street style vocals and raps just rhyme and style it so slickly that there’s nothing more to say, other than f–king cool bro!! Now with McQueen drummer Hayley Cramer in the ranks, the 11 tracks here are nothing short of blinding in their catchiness. This self titled release is the band’s 5th outing and their composing capability is breathtaking, taking in grunge with emo and those lyrics man, so heavy……its like standing in North Korea one moment and at the next a raging Charlestown!! Aggression obvious in the first half of the album through the angst street stomp of opener of ‘Waking Lions’ with its heavy dervish riffing superbly contrasted by the laid back street poet vocals amid smashing beats from Cramer and those astounding mellow core melodies to the even more RATM social street core on ‘Colours Bleed’ as Kakaty screams ‘…step in line as you’re about to get shot!!..’, and going OTT mental on the rap core furore of ‘Art Of War’ with its massive riffs and even more colossal rhymes. The second half is more diverse from the suave electro rock of ‘Be Legendary’ to the ultra cool pop rap of ‘A Crime To Remember’ with its soulful vocals, piano and incredibly memorable chorus to the ballady rock closer of ‘Rewind’. There’s a whole lot to Kakaty than protest, and in fact, a heartfelt appeal towards reconciliation and unity which is laudable. Collaborating with top names from producer Kato Khandwala (Blondie, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach) to director Columbia Tatone, it’s pretty clear that despite their unassuming name, Pop Evil are a top of the line act – just check out this awesome release for definitive proof.

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