Pospolite Ruszenie – “Swiebodzic”

Pospolite Ruszenie – “Swiebodzic” EP (Soundmass Records)

‘Pospolite Ruszenie’ is a term used to describe the old style mobilization of the Polish population usually in response to a war. Likewise the Polish medieval rock band Pospolite Ruszenie have been assembled from the members of Celtic band Open Folk, who use traditional instruments like bagpipes, recorders and viola de gambas along with rockers from Illuminandi, Budzik and Rumor using modern bass, drums and guitars. Musically, songs like ‘Lament Over Jesus’, ‘Ascribe Unto The Lord’ and ‘Lord God, The Almighty’ indicate alternative, modern interpretations of medieval and renaissance music very much in the rustic style of Blackmore’s Night but even more folk! Jan Trêbacz’s hurdy gurdy vocals are certainly that, mostly baritone and soulful but at times he breaks out into growls accompanied by heavy riffing only to be offset by beautiful pipes n flutes lol! Still, I enjoyed “Swiebodzic”, whilst not being a knees up opus in the Korpiklaani vein, it can certainly be appreciated for what it is as a faithful reproduction of period music in the eyes of rock.

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