Battle Helm Rating

Apart from the obvious Batman reference I have no clue what to expect from POSTCARD FROM ARKHAM. Yet their name seems so bloody familiar. But that might just be from me having read about them on more than one occasion. Any which way, I am looking forward to indulging in this their latest release. I might be very alone in liking this whole blackgaze thing that came in the 00s but I really liked how these bands took black metal a step further. The ultimate experience was this cover band that did The Cure songs as black metal. That too me was the coolest. POSTCARD FROM ARKHAM have that feel of otherworldly that I like. They manage to mix the vibe from post rock with black metal in a manner that makes it seem like they have been bed fellows for an eternity. It is when an album like this drops in on me that I totally get the whole post thing. Perhaps this week’s highlight. Anders Ekdahl

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