POTENTIAL THREAT SF “Civilization Under Threat”

“Civilization Under Threat”
(Old School Metal Records)
POTENTIAL THREAT SF. Just the band name brings about memories of a time when everything was much simpler. When you didn’t have to have a genre decipher in your pocket (or smart phone) just to figure out what the hell this or that band is playing. It was either metal, crossover of hardcore. There is something very familiar about POTENTIAL THREAT SF’s name yet I can’t remember if I ever heard any of their demos back in the days or if it is just from reading fanzines that I know of them. If you like thrash bands like Vio-Lence or Holy Terror you’ll love this (if you don’t already). I have no problems with older bands releasing albums when they are this good. This doesn’t feel as contrived as Metallica’s last album did. There is something genuinely fresh about this album. Anders Ekdahl

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