POTERGEIST “Swampires”

The first time I saw this band’s name I thought that it was some sort of joke. Now I’m not too sure anymore. Whatever the name is about all I care about is if the music is any good. So that is what I’ll do from now on. I gotta say that I had no greater expectations on this one but it actually surprised me a lot. I get a harder Moustach feeling listening to this. There is a groove to it that I like, a kinda rock’n’roll vibe. I can see folks into stuff like Danko Jones or Backyard Babies getting into this too. I’m not to hot for the latter but I had a crush on Danko Jones in the late nineties. Throw in some Alice In Chains too and you get a really cool album. Why haven’t I heard of this band before? Anders Ekdahl

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