Pounder – “Breaking The World”

Pounder – “Breaking The World” (Shadow Kingdom)
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If you grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal in the late 70s and early 80s like I did, then you’re gonna love this cos Pounder capture all the styles and sounds that made many a youthful rocker smile, while laying the inspirational carpet for every genre of metal today! A power trio made up of the collective talents of Matt Harvey (Dekapitator, Exhumed, Expulsion, Gruesome, Scarecrow, Cretin (live), ex-Athrenody, Cadaverizer, ex-Noothgrush, ex-Repulsion, ex-Exodus (live), ex-Gravehill), Tom Draper (Carcass, ex-Primitai, ex-Savage Messiah, ex-Angel Witch (live), ex-Crowning Glory), and Alejandro Corredor (Nausea, Sin Salida, ex-Dia de los Muertos, ex-Kariwa, ex-Vallenfyre (live)), Pounder already got the blood pumping a coupla years back with their debut “Uncivilized”, and now on this impressive sophomore, they really get the heart racing through the sheer range of classic sounds making up the 7 electric tracks here. If its classic Manowar you crave, then title track ‘Breaking The World’ will take some beating through Corredor’s twanging bass and the epic, stirring guitars of Harvey and Draper, straight from the Ross The Boss era, while Draper’s lead vocals take in Eric Adams’ manly if still soulful vocal style, before adding in some NWOBHM speed and twin Maiden melodies to cap it all off brilliantly – wow. Bringing back the glory of late 70s hard rock on ‘Hard Road To Home’ through the instantly recognisable guitar sound and the classic blend of crunching riffs and racing melodies, the catchy chorus unashamedly resonates bountiful harmonies while the solos are just out of this world so get that air guitar ready once more! Pistoning in with double bass beats, sultry melodies and pumping basslines on ‘Give Me Rock’, the huge riffs drive the macho chorus line that proves irresistible to not shout out in all its red-blooded glory of air punching and headbanging, while the crooning and wailing solos will have you crying tears of joy in buckets. Ending in the 80s speed / power metal popularised by the likes of Riot, ‘Deadly Eyes’ sees plenty of fretboard scaling to match the fast epic riffing, high harmonies and impassioned vocals from Draper, while the neoclassical solos are nothing short of blistering, together making for fitting salutation to the late but unforgotten members of that classic band. Some say you can’t live in the past, but Pounder shows once more that the best of that era can be brought to the present, and still have a respectable place in it.
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