POUNDER “Fasrer Than Fire”

“Faster Than Fire”
(Shadow Kingdom Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I totally love the 7” format. Sure, you have to get up a hell of a lot of times to turn the record over but that aside there is something cool to holding a 7” in your hands. You don’t get that with digital, no matter how convenient it might be. This is a three track 7” from LA’s POUNDER. Musically this is old school heavy metal. In a way this kinda reminds me of the first time I heard Raven or Tygers of Pan Tang or Tokyo Blade. That feeling of hearing something lifer changing for the first time. This might not reinvent the wheel but that is not what I ask for from a heavy metal band. All I ask for is for it to move me, for it to create new emotions in me. And this does all that. A really cool slab of 7” vinyl. Anders Ekdahl

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