POWERCRUE “Wreck The Eternal Tyranny”

“Wreck The Eternal Tyranny”
(Lighten the Underground)
I love stuff like Sanctuary and Omen as well as most Queensrÿche stuff which I guess makes me a power metal buff. It also makes me excited whenever I get my hands on a new power metal release. Greek Powercrue made me think of a lot of old bands like Oliver Magnum and Mercury Rising that made up my power metal 90s. Stuff that is a bit more technical and perhaps also a bit more progressive yet still power metal. Stuff that I hadn’t thought about for some time now but still is very close to the surface every time I hear a band like Powercrue. It also makes me want to take out my Watchtower albums and just indulge in good old 90s progressive power metal all night. But this isn’t just a ride down nostalgia. There is also something very present to this type of metal. This is metal that don’t get old no matter when it was released. An album well worth checking out. Anders Ekdahl

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