Powerman 5000 – “Builders Of The Future”


Powerman 5000 – “Builders Of The Future” (UMC)

Born in the 90s and fueled by the new millennium, Powerman 5000’s music owed as much to nouveau nu metal and old school industrial as it did to the electronic age. Formed by Rob Zombie’s younger brother Michael Cummings (aka Spider One), his spoken word chanted over a fast addictive electronic beat that saw it catapulted into the soundtracks for movies such as Zoolander, Blade II and Mission Impossible 2 along with an unbelievable number of electronic games from WWE Smackdown to NASCAR Thunder 2004. Although by no means metal and arguably the antithesis of true rock, Spider’s talent nevertheless captured the public’s heart for suave, highly catchy futuristic music that could really add ‘cool’ to almost anything that featured it! Two decades on and we have the 10th anniversary album from him and not a lot has changed sound wise apart from Cummings perhaps pushing himself a little more vocally with a few more melodies and even the odd subtle harmony in songs like the industrial rock of ‘Live It Up Before You’re Dead’, or the street tough electro beat of ‘I Can’t F-kin Hear You’ and the dark ballad ‘I Want To Kill You’ that still contain as much cool as f–k attitude as they did back in the 90s. With a new band around him, Cummings seems poised to capitalize once again on the growth in electronic arts and comic book films – once deemed underground or condemned to geekdom – but now themselves ironically elevated into the commercial mainstream, and all looking for that special cool sound to match that evangelized new look.


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