POWERTRIBE “Prepare For Battle”

“Prepare For Battle”

Battle Helm Rating

To show my age I am gonna say that the firs band that popped into my head when I heard this was the old Sant Clara band Mother Earth that released one album back in 1994. They were a heavy/thrash metal band from the early days. I get the same kinda vibe from this band 24 years later. There is a heavy/thrash metal feel to this. And although it is much more heavy metal than thrash the feeling of thrash metal is still there. This is one of those bands that has reached out to be asking for me to review their album. Something that I gladly do as I want to hear all bands in the world before I die. And when it then turns out to be as good as this is it just makes me an even happier dude. This is the kinda stuff that makes me feel that I can die a happy dude having heard it. Some really cool heavy metal from the US. Anders Ekdahl

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