Powerwolf – “Best Of The Blessed”

Powerwolf – “Best Of The Blessed” CD/ Earbook/LP Boxset (Napalm Records)
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Well, Attila Dorn and Powerwolf certainly know how to celebrate 15 years of success in becoming Germany’s most successful modern heavy metal band in 2019! Here, on “Best Of The Blessed”, the band’s first greatest hits album, they give you plenty of reasons – be it 16 songs on the CD that include fresh re-recordings of classics like ‘We Drink Your Blood’, or in the case of the Earbook, a further 14 live tracks recorded during the Wolfsnächte 2018 tour, and finally, going for the throat in the LP boxset, a further 4 bonus live tracks. By now acknowledged as a live headlining band to see where their tongue in cheek songs garner huge audience singalongs especially at open air festivals, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the 2020 re-recordings of classics like ‘Werewolves Of Armenia’ take on a live force of their own, being far more rocking and polished to party as you would experience at a Powerwolf gig. But if you can’t wait that long cos of lockdown, then the Wolfsnächte tracks need no further proof as vocalist Attila Dorn gets the crowd going for ‘Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend’, while Falk Maria Schlegel’s catchy church organs and B movie horror keyboard sounds lead up to a spectacular singalong that even after seeing the band countless times, is just as impressive showing how the band have perfected their live ‘Amen & Attack’! With their teeth in the crowd’s throat, there is no let up as the hook laden power metal meets opera sound of ‘Armata Stringoi’ resonates to a huge crowd roar, who proceed to sing in unison with the ever-encouraging Dorn, whose priest cum football coach stage persona is backed with the steel of the Greywolf brothers and Roel van Helden’s hammering double bass drum beats on the unforgettable throat shredding ‘Blessed & Possessed’ – completed by ecstatic chants of ‘..Powerwolf! Powerwolf! Powerwolf!..’ – wow! Ending with the bonus live tracks, the instantly possessing melodies to ‘Coleus Sanctus’ and Dorn’s flowing opera tones lead to the almighty chorus with its unforgettably heretical lines of ‘.. coleus sanctus, in the heart of the night… coleus sanctus, mighty arm in the fight..’ – superb!! “Best Of The Blessed” is 34 tracks of pure, lycanthropic power to kill any pandemic!!!
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