Powerwolf – “Blessed & Possessed Tour Edition”

Powerwolf – “Blessed & Possessed Tour Edition” 2CD (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Wow – with new cover artwork, this special edition tour re-release features the band’s entire 2015 Summer Breeze Festival  performance! As headliners that year, its clear from the 14 tracks that the band’s own performance is only matched by the rabid crowd themselves, audibly heard with plenty of roaring singalongs, clapping and general applause. Equally, the set hasn’t been edited so there’s plenty of banter from frontman Attila Dorn as well as the rest of the band – it’s of course in German but doesn’t lessen the powerful atmosphere that comes across on colossally catchy tracks like ‘Coleus Sanctus‘, ‘We Drink Your Blood‘ and ‘Army Of The Night’. If you weren’t already bowled over by the initial release of Powerwolf’s 6th and most successful release to date, landing in the official German album charts at #3, then this special tour edition will have you slavering like a (power)hund!

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