Powerwolf – “Blood Of The Saints”

“Blood Of The Saints”
(Metal Blade)

‘…we are damned at midnight, sanctified with dynamite..’ – I love these guys LOL! With just the right mix of singalong melodic metal and a truly fun live show they are always majestic thanks to the classical operatic vocals of Attila Dorn. Hailing from Romania, there seems an almost natural obsession with werewolves , which when coupled with the musicianship of the German Greywolf brothers (!) comes across as a mixture of Transylvania meets Iron Maiden meets Lordi on songs like ‘Dead Boys Don’t Cry’, ‘All We Need Is Blood’ and ‘Murder At Midnight’. Touring heavily this year with this all important 4th album, be sure to catch them in the full moon when their blood is up and their teeth are sharpest!

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