Powerwolf – “Preachers Of The Night”

Powerwolf – “Preachers Of The Night” (Napalm Records)

The werewolves of Transylvania are back! I love these guys from their camp look to their catchy singalong songs and this pretty much remains the same for this 5th studio album although there has been a big leap in the musicianship stakes: when the opening tracks came on I actually thought Attila Dorn had been replaced such was a soulfulness of his voice! Furthermore, I couldn’t believe the speed of some of the material, definitely racy so those wolf fans out there who like to run will love this album. Still, as tracks like ‘Cardinal Sin’, ‘In The Name Of God’ and the tongue in cheek ‘Coleus Sanctus’ (translated as holy scrotum lol) came belting out it was clear that the band have lost none of their brazen cheek and witticism against all things religious, camped to max by Dorn’s operatic vocals, bombastic choir harmonies and rhyming lyrics that could give Benny Hill a belly full! Already an established act on the European festival circuit and now with a headlining tour of Russia under their belts (hence their tribute track to the Nightwatch movie in ‘Nochnoi Dozor’) these loveable lycanthropes continue to impress with gusto and laughter.

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