Powerworld – “Cybersteria”

Powerworld – “Cybersteria” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Formed by bassist Ilker Ersin after he left Freedom Call, Powerworld is a modern prog / power rock band that combines superior musicianship with suave melodies and the soul of rock n roll! Indeed, the album’s title is a jibe at today’s social media that arguably leaves people emotionally impoverished on the one hand, whilst drawing ever increasing scrutiny from the authorities on the other. Despite the heavy concept, Powerworld’s music is actually very positive and uplifting and whilst there are influences by the likes of Queensryche, there are also elements of Zepp, although in the main it’s handcrafted rock by the band themselves. Big, power rock riffs, atmospheric keyboard overlays and a solid rock rhythm give life to songs like ‘Back On Me’, ‘Like A Shadow’ and ‘Not Bound To The Evil’. A special shout has to go out to vocalist Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart, ex-Bonfire), who’s stood in twice for the band, firstly to cover for Andrew”Mac”McDermott who sadly died in August 2011, and again more recently to ironically stand in for his own replacement David Reece (ex-ACCEPT/Bangalore Choir) on the recording of this album! Besides his loyalty, Bormann’s excellent rawk dawg vocals add the soul and passion into Powerworld for which his seems perfectly suited to. Why Ersin would want to replace him I have no idea but surely it must be now clear that he forms an integral part of the band and should be made permanent? Whatever the case both Ersin and Bormann have done an excellent job recovering this album and that’s what all the hysteria should be about.

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