PRAYER “Danger In The Dark”

“Danger In The Dark”
(Escape Music)
What struck me the first time was how much this sounds like the pseudo-hardrock of the 80s you heard on movie soundtracks like Top Gun, St Elmo’s Fire and its likes. It might have worked in that environment and in that era but I’m not too sure about it working today. This is like listening to the first couple of Bon Jovi albums. I liked them back in the 80s and whenever I hear tracks from them today they put a smile on my face. This is in no way a bad album by this Finnish band. I just can’t shake the feeling of this being too clever done for their own good. But if you like your hardrock from that period then this will be a treat for you. I can see myself listening to this while driving, dreaming I’m a Top Gun pilot. Anders Ekdahl

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