“Marked For Death”
(Killer Metal)
I will never be rid of that very first meeting with heavy metal. It shaped who I am today. So whenever I get sent an album that has the potential of being pure metal I jump at the chance of hearing it. I feel that way about PREDATORY VIOLENCE’s album. This is classic Kreator-thrash from the very first note to the very last. I love early Kreator and this album makes me think of Kreator around “Terrible Certainty” and forward. A time when Kreator kinda found their inner calm and turned into the machine that has survived for 30 odd years. German thrash metal is and will be a well treasured gem for me. So when bands come along playing a style that I grew up on I tend to feel rejuvenated. So to this time around with PREDATORY VIOLENCE. Anders Ekdahl

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