PRELUDIUM “Redemption”

(Transcending Obscurity)
I hope this is the beginning of something great. I like Polish death metal a lot and have so ever since I first heard Damnation back in the 90s. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of being entertained by a load of cool Polish metal bands. I gotta admit that I often end up thinking Behemoth when I listen to Polish death metal. Not that I’m complaining. This too sounds a bit like Behemoth but since it is heavy and cool I have no issues with that. Throw in some old school Morbid Angel and you got an album that seriously beats your ass into a pulp. This is what in Swedish could be called “stjärtsmiskarmetal”. Ass whooping metal. If you have issue with that then please look elsewhere. If you like me like that kind of stuff then please check this one out. Anders Ekdahl

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