PRESENCE ”Masters And Following”

”Masters And Following”
(Black Widow)

Battle Helm Rating

I kinda hyped myself into wanting to check this one out the first time I saw their press photo. I got some really cool vibes from the photo. There is a feel to this album that I find highly intriguing. I don’t do any drugs but if I did this would be my newest soundtrack to that journey. There is a psychedelic feel to this that makes me think of Jefferson Airplane. Mix that with a metallic feel and you get one hell of a chaos. Which is best audiolized in their cover of Judas Priest’s “Freewhell Burning” that sounds like Deep Purple on 45. The fact that they move from the orchestral to the full out bananas makes this for a very interesting album. As chaotic as it is, as beautiful it is. Anders Ekdahl

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