PRESSOR “Weird Things”

“Weird Things”
([Addicted Label])

Battle Helm Rating

When I do these reviews I often find myself liking stuff that I probably wouldn’t get in contact with had it not been sent to me. And for that I am eternally grateful. Because hearing so many different styles of music only enriches my life. But it also makes me realize how much I am still trapped in the 80s/90s when it comes to my references. Like with PRESSOR. I know that there are more up to date references but when I hear this all I can think of is Fudge Tunnel. You get how off I am? And it is not like I haven’t heard more present day sludge but it is not those bands that keep popping up. This is heavy, monotonous and dragging its feet along kinda music. Dirty and with sharp edges. But that is what makes this exciting. Anders Ekdahl

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