PREZIR “Contempt”


Battle Helm Rating

There is an aura of mystery about this release. I know nothing about the band other than that the band name is the Serbo-Croatian word for the album title. But in having a band name that is not an English word they do build a sort of cult around them. And that suites the black metal that PREZIR play. There is a dark and sinister feel to this. A foreboding of something disastrous to happen. This is the kind of black metal that I like to call full on attack black metal. Sure, there was an intro but once that ended it all exploded into a full on black metal assault. This is nothing I haven’t heard before. So many band names keep popping up in my head but that doesn’t really matter as I sit here listening to this, feeling my blood get hotter and my heart pumps faster, getting ready for battle. A cool slab of black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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