PRIEST “New Flesh”

“New Flesh”
(Lövely Records)

Battle Helm Rating

My jury is still out on Ghost. I am not sure what I really think about them. I have listened to them and I have seen all the hype and now all the bullshit that surrounds them but I cannot decide if I like their music enough to care or if I just tolerate it. PRIEST is being described as the new Ghost. Something I don’t really hear when I listen to this as this is so far from Ghost as you can come. This is instead some sort of dance/techno. Not my cup of tea really. As much as love Depeche Mode and the whole new romantics/new wave of the 80s as much do I not get this. It is not bad. It just feels so dated and so “been there, done that” that it begs the question who is this intended for. But that aside I have to admit that as I sit here I start to like what I hear. It does bring back some really nice memories. Anders Ekdahl

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