Primal Fear – “I Will Be Gone”

Primal Fear – “I Will Be Gone” EP (Nuclear Blast)
Battle Helm Rating
Having released their 13th album last year in “Metal Commando”, Primal Fear return with this 5 track EP, featuring a new song, 3 songs previously only available as bonus tracks on the limited digipack version of the aforementioned album, and the undoubted cherry on the cake, a long in the making vocal collaboration with Tarja Turunen! Boasting an enviable tenor-esque voice, Ralf Scheepers shows the true measure of his singing talent on the acoustic title track opener, with its gentle classical guitar plucking and Tarja’s stellar voice still as enthralling with both vocalists being remarkably restrained in not unleashing their power! That certainly isn’t the case on the new track ‘Vote Of New Confidence’, which is a 6-minute metal anthem in the Primal Fear trademark of heavy crunching riffs, booming bass and hammering drums graced by Scheepers’ soul and indeed, power screams in a superb contrast of melody and energy. Moving onto the bonus numbers, ‘Rising Fear’ is a short but moving guitar instrumental featuring stormy atmospherics while ‘Leave Me Alone’ grabbed my attention for not just being another catchy, steaming mid paced rocker of double bass drumming, chugging riffs and complementing melodies, but equally its witty lyrics of ‘…bugger off …make yourself scarce and fuck off…just bugger off…’ – well, what more can you say! Closing in true Priest inspired style on ‘Second To None’, the brooding power riffs rock as Scheepers’ crescendo singing soars and wails much in the spirit of Halford, although the twin melodic guitar solo no doubt has its Teutonic mark stamped all over it in fine style. An excellent combination release pulling together diverse tracks into one enjoyable package!
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